Trivia App QuizUp Gains 1 Million New Signups After A Week On Android

Sometimes lightning does strike twice. Mobile trivia app QuizUp gained a million new signups in its first week on Android. With 100,000 new signups daily, that success on Android follows its initial launch on iOS, where it also racked up a million registered users one week in.

With Android growing fast, the total number of registered QuizUp users is now up to 12.5 million on both platforms. Those users have played more than 40 million trivia matches and spent 176 years of total game time on the platform, according to game developer Plain Vanilla Games.

QuizUp offers players more than 200,000 trivia questions spread out over 400 different categories. Now that it’s on Android, Plain Vanilla is working on localizing the app to make it available in more languages and more countries.

The game developer has raised about $28 million from investors that include Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Greycroft Partners, IDG Ventures, BOLDstart Ventures, CrunchFund (founded by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington), and MESA+.