TC Cribs: Meta, The Sprawling Rural Ranch Where Augmented Reality Magic Is Made

A lot of tech employees say that they are at the office “24/7” as they “eat, sleep, and breathe” whatever new gadget or app they’re cooking up. But in this episode of TechCrunch Cribs, we toured a company where that is literally the case every day: Meta, the augmented reality and wearable computing startup.

That’s because Meta’s entire 24-person team works and lives together in a sprawling five acre estate in Portola Valley, some 30 miles south of San Francisco. It’s a unique setting for building a company, but as you’ll see in the video embedded above, it seems to be working out pretty well.

It helps that the home itself is large and beautifully designed, with enough space for amenities such as a pool, a trampoline, and a garden — all of which ensures that Meta’s staff gets in a little recreation and relaxation along with their long days at work hacking on next-generation wearable computing devices.

And while it is pretty plush, Meta’s founder and CEO Meron Gribetz says that this setup actually saves the company money. By setting up shop in the country, Meta is paying the same amount in rent that it would take to lease a small cramped office in downtown San Francisco. It’s a smart set up that might inspire other startups to head for the rural life themselves.

Check it all out in the video embedded above.