Quirky And GE Show Pity On Those Nest Left Out With A Smart Window AC Unit

Though Nest has made a dent in home automation with its smart thermostat, the company hasn’t really addressed those of us who live in old apartment buildings with window AC units as our only summer salvation. But GE and Quirky haven’t forgotten.

Today, they’ve announced a brand new smart AC unit called the Aros, as part of their existing multi-billion dollar partnership.

Thus far, that partnership has yielded a smart egg holder for your fridge, and a smart milk jug so your dairy doesn’t go sour. Personally, I’m far more excited by the Aros.

The cute little window unit pairs to your smartphone, letting you set a financial budget for your AC costs. This way, Aros works to keep you cool while still keeping you under budget this summer. It also learns when you’re home and when you’re away, and turns on and off accordingly.

And if its brains don’t impress you, its style will. The 8000 BTU unit has slick LED-illuminated buttons that are touch-sensitive, and it comes in all white everything (and by everything, I mean stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic).

The multi-speed fan has three speeds and three different cooling modes.

For $300, the Aros can be yours. You can learn more here.

[vimeo 89366481 w=500 h=281]

Introducing Aros from Quirky on Vimeo.