LUUV Is A 3D-Printed Smartphone Camera Stabilizer, Now Live On IndieGoGo

LUUV is a camera stabilizer that lets you video fast-moving action more-or-less shake-free due to its 3D printed design. What LUUV promises is something like the ‘democratization’ of the steady-cam. Instead of having to hire a very expensive piece of equipment, you could shoot action video with the LUUV and a GoPro or smartphone.

Today the Berlin-based startup has launched its IndieGoGo campaign offering backers the chance to pick up one of these handy camera mounts for $199, some $150 cheaper than the final price. And the fact that it’s 3D-printed is pretty cool as well.

Videographers can mount their action-cam or smartphone on the device and just start shooting. I’ve tried one out myself and the camera does indeed stay pretty steady pretty much whatever you are doing, such as moving around quickly to capture a shot.