Hublo Is The Web Analytics Tool For The Rest Of Us

Meet Hublo, a recently launched analytics service that is easier to use than your average analytics tool. It works a lot like Mixpanel, KISSmetrics and others, but you don’t have to write a single line of code to make it work.

“Hublo is the Mailchimp of analytics,” co-founder and CEO Cyril Gantzer told me. “We turn what was once a very technical field, into a user-friendly marketing product.”

The idea behind Hublo came from a previous job experience at Fifty-five. His previous company worked with big French companies to implement better analytics solutions and improve conversion rates.

Yet, many people who are interested in analytics don’t have any coding experience. They are working in marketing, sales or support. Hublo is trying to give these people a powerful yet easy to understand analytics tool so that they don’t have to constantly ask developers to implement new tracking codes using Mixpanel’s API.

When you launch Hublo, you get a sort of WYSIWYG interface. If you want to track how many people click a button, you just have to hit this button in the admin interface, label it and it’s done. It works similarly for forms, videos and more.

Hublo excels when it comes to conversion rates. Evidence of this lies in the funnel builder capabilities. Let’s say you want to track how difficult it is to sign up on your website. You can click on all the required steps on your site to create an account. Then you will get reports of where your users start to drop off.

It can be used for purchases on e-commerce website as well. For example, you could know that 92 percent of your clients who add an item to their carts actually purchase it. All of this is pretty similar to what you can find on competing services. But again, the main difference is that you don’t need to edit your code on your website every time you want to add a new tracker — you just need to copy and paste a line to your template once and for all.

“Our goal is to provide a tool that is as powerful as our competitors but without any required integration,” Gantzer said. “We don’t have an API, we don’t have developer documentation.”

Hublo beta testers are already asking for more data, like email addresses of people who added something to their baskets, price information and more. Hublo integrates with Intercom or Mixpanel if you want to get more data.

The company recently graduated from Le Camping and just released its paid offering — the basic plan costs $68 a month (€49). It remains to be confirmed whether there is a real market for analytics tools for non-developers.

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Top photo credit: Nick Kinkaid under the CC BY-ND 2.0 license