Yes, Flappy Bird Will Return To The App Store

I hope you enjoyed your life over the past month and a half; Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store after its removal earlier this year, according to the game’s developer Dong Nguyen. Gawker spotted the dev’s tweeted response to a question about whether or not it would ever return, which is an unequivocal “Yes.”

As you can see, Nguyen doesn’t give a timeline but does say it won’t be “soon,” which suggests possibly there’s some additional development going into the game, or at least some kind of preparatory action so that Nguyen can deal with the life upheaval that’s bound to follow. Nguyen left the door open for a Flappy Bird return in his extended Rolling Stone profile, but this confirms the bird won’t stay grounded forever.

I’ve already got the game on my phone, and I didn’t even try to sell it on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars, so I’m not sweating it, but this is good (bad?) news for people who haven’t yet tasted sweet pixelated feather.

Image credit: Bryce Durbin.