Zortrax, The Polish 3D Printing Company, Looking To Go Public As It Raises $3.5 Million In Public Bonds

Zortrax, a Polish 3D-printer company based in Olsztyn, is raising funds through public bond issues. They will begin selling 10,000 unsecured bonds worth 1000PLN ($329) each through Invista Brokerage House to raise a total of $3.5 million. The company plans to be the only publicly traded printer manufacturer in the country when it goes public later this year.

The VC market in Central Europe isn’t quite frothy yet, which has forced smaller companies like Zotrax to look for EU investment as well as bond issuance to begin ramping up to go public.

The bonds will carry 9% interest and mature in three years.

The company is also working on an updated printer, the M120 3D, and is expanding its sales network. It last made the news when Dell Asia bought 5,000 units for its offices.

via CentrumDruku3D