Microsoft’s OneNote Flies To Top Of The Mac App Store

OneNote for Mac has become most popular free Mac app in the App Store in a single day, besting OS X update Mavericks, which was released in October.

The app is now available across both major PC platforms and all three mobile platforms for free.

Response has been strong so far. Racking up more than 600 reviews in a day, OneNote for Mac is overwhelmingly rated highly, with more than half of them being 5-star reviews.

See if you can see what’s interesting in the below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.53.50 AM

Yep, Microsoft has three apps in the top 10 free Mac apps list, but that’s not really the point: Instead, keep in mind the relationship between OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service that it is keen to drive usership of, and OneNote; OneNote is a service on top of OneDrive. OneDrive usage ties people into the Microsoft world, where Office, and, ahem, Windows matter.

Microsoft is fighting a platform war across a hundred fronts with Google, Apple and, to smaller extent, Box and Dropbox. Every ounce of oxygen those companies can accrete to their own clouds is valuable. And with OneNote for Mac, it appears that Microsoft hit on something big that will help it drive market and mindshare.

I reached out to Microsoft, specifically requesting download numbers of the new Mac app. They declined to share, but claimed to be “very pleased” with the response.