GOG.com To Release Games On Linux This Fall

Some good old games are about to come to Linux. GOG.com just announced that it has been working on supporting Linux for sometime and expects to launch titles this Fall. Mint and Ubuntu will get the GOG.com treatment, says the press notice.

Details are still on the light side. The company hasn’t released any specifics including the first titles to be released, but this is a big step a long time in the making.

Linux has long existed without an easy way to enjoy games from top tier developers for multiple reasons. While this move by GOG.com will not serve up the latest titles, it will bring a bevy of games to the popular, albeit still obscure, operating system.

GOG.com sells classic PC games at affordable prices. They lack any sort of DRM and once purchased, the customer retails full rights to the files. Want to buy Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Syndicate Wars, or Unreal Tournament? GOG.com has you covered.