Yes, The Surface 2 With AT&T LTE Is Real, Will Cost $679, And Goes On Sale Tomorrow

After nearly every dot and tittle had already leaked, Microsoft this morning announced that as expected, the Surface 2 tablet hybrid with AT&T services is real and will cost $679.

The price, carrier, and other details were already public knowledge. Some will certainly be disappointed in the lack of carrier diversity, but I’d expect more carriers to be added inside the year. Update: My mistake on this, the device is unlocked, and can work on any GSM network. If I had any excuse it would be that it’s Monday, but honestly I just blew this one. Sorry, everyone.

At that price point the Surface 2 is more expensive than a desktop computer, or even most laptops I see on sale. And that is before you dollar-in a Touch or Type cover. All told, the Surface 2 with LTE is on price parity with many Ultrabooks. Yes, it does other things — LTE, for one, naturally — but the price similarity does matter.

Apple has done very well selling iPads with carrier connectivity. Those devices, I’d argue, are more class-separate from PCs than the Surface is. I’m not sure whether that will harm, or help sales of the new Surface 2.

If you want to snag one, the Microsoft Store chain and Best Buy are your jam.