If You Gave Superman A GoPro


If anyone ever asks you what you’d use a personal drone for, you could say “Real estate photos”.. or “monitoring rhino populations“… or you could say “pretending to be freaking superman.

Armed with a personal RC drone, a GoPro camera, and fistfuls of crazy video editing talent, a team out of LA has recreated a first person view of a day-in-the-life of ol’ Clark Kent himself.

This video just went up this morning, and is spreading like wildfire — and for GoPro, the timing couldn’t be better. With the company preparing to go public, they’ve entered that “quiet period” where they probably wouldn’t end up releasing too many crazy videos of their own — which, given that GoPro is a company built entirely around crazy videos, is a bummer. But an awesome fan-made video that showcases their product in a massively cool way? They couldn’t ask for more.

Wondering how it all came together? Check out the behind the scenes version, below: