Crowdfunding Platform Realty Mogul Says Its Users Have Invested $14.6M In Real Estate Worth $100M+

Real estate crowdfunding startup Realty Mogul is sharing a bunch of numbers about its growth since it first launched just about a year ago. The most impressive one: More than $100 million, which represents the total value of properties that have been backed through the Realty Mogul platform.

That represents 58 properties located in 14 states, in which the 6,000 Realty Mogul members invested a total of $14.6 million.

The company’s goal is to make real estate investment more accessible — not to everyone, but to accredited investors. Members can browse through a marketplace of potential investments, and even if they decide to invest in a property, their money is only committed if the project is fully funded. If it is, they’ll get regular updates on the property and receive whatever cash distributions (such as rent payments) they’re entitled to.

Realty Mogul says 67 percent of the platform’s investments are made by repeat investors, and that 55 percent of those investors make multiple investments. Retail properties make up 35 percent of investments, followed by residential properties at 22 percent.

“The broader story is that real estate crowdfunding has quickly become the fastest growing segment of the crowdfunding market and the dust is starting to settle in our space,” the company wrote. You can go here to see the infographic with these numbers and more.