“Dehumanize Your Friends” Brings Cards Against Humanity-Style Multiplayer To Chromecast

Cards Against Humanity! If you run around in any even-slightly-geeky circles, you’ve probably heard of it.

But in case you somehow haven’t: take Apples to Apples and make it terribly offensive. As in, straight up, jaw dropping, probably-shouldn’t-play-this-at-work-or-in-public offensive. Once a humble $4,000 Kickstarter campaign, it now pulls in millions in revenue a year.

Tired of the all those damned cards involved with this card game? It’s now playable on Chromecast, albeit in the form of a very-much-unofficial clone.

So, how’s it work? Just like the original game — but on your phone(s). Once each player has connected to the Chromecast and everyone has declared themselves “Ready!”, the game begins. Each round, one player is the judge, who pulls a random card with a question/fill-in-the-blanks sentence on it. The other players each pick a card from their hand that they think will be the judge’s favorite answer. The judge picks their favorite (based on literally any criteria they want), and whoever put that answer in gets a point. The judge role switches to a different player each round. Instead of going down on a tabletop, though, everything happens on your TV.

The downside: it’s Android-only for now — and while the game’s developer says he’s hoping to add the ability for multiple people to play from one device, everyone needs to bring their own, for now.

Dehumanize actually launched under a different title, originally. At first called Casts Against Civility, it mimicked Cards Against Humanity‘s style in pretty much every way — all the way down to the font choices and card coloring. According to a reddit post from Dehumanize‘s developer, the changes were made at the request of the CAH guys.

The game currently uses cards ripped directly from those found in the original game, which, too, might change. While Card Against Humanity is licensed under Creative Commons (they actually give CAH away for free in PDF form, if you want to print all the cards yourself), the developer is still working out just how legally sound that is.

With that in mind, it seems, Dehumanize‘s developer is focusing on making the game more of an engine for user-created content. Want to play with the original CAH deck? You’d download those and throw them into the engine. Want to play the Doctor Who-themed Cards Against Gallifrey, instead? Just toss that deck in, instead.

The project is only a few days old — so expect bugs, and expect things to change from build to build. But it’s free! You can find it in the Google Play store here.