Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

Sure, Babar was a pretty cool elephant, but what happens when he becomes a cyborg bent on the destruction of the mustache man who stole his crown in Babar Loses His Crown? He goes out and gets one of these robotic trunks and starts tearing stuff up around Paris. Pure insanity.

Festo, a German robotics company, is making sure that Babar will be able to bring the hurt down on all of us with this odd, trunk-inspired limb. By using soft segments and resistance sensors it can pick up items and not squash your fingers in between the sections – unless it wants to. You can read a bit more at New Scientist.

A trunk doesn’t look dangerous enough? Oh, how about a flying robot that Tases interns? Boom: here you go. Created by Chatoic Moon Studios, this semi-autonomous robot shoots out Taser barbs when you tell it to, incapacitating your target like a flying Robocop without the heavy artillery.


This last video is just of a Phantom quadcopter flying through an active volcano. There’s honestly nothing scary about that… unless the quadcopter caused the volcano in the first place using its secret death ray! It could totally happen.


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