If You Look At One Picture Of 3D-Printed Chicken Today, Make It This One

You like chicken. You like 3D printed stuff. Why not slam them together to make the ultimate in 3D printable model food? How does that sound? Cool, right? I thought so.

So what’s going on here: some designers at iJet in Yokohama, Japan wanted to surprise the staff of Lifehacker. They grabbed a tasty KFC drumstick, scanned it using a high-resolution laser scanner, and then printed it in full color, creating something that looks like a cross between a marzipan chicken part and the leg of roasted armadillo.

This is actually a test of iJet’s interesting color-printing technology that essentially squirts layers of color onto each layer. The plaster layers absorb the color very precisely, creating a print that is actually surprisingly realistic.

Don’t think you’re going to eat this thing: it’s very fragile and, although it looks greasy and delicious, like the steak in The Matrix it is completely fake.

via 3Ders