GoDaddy Preps For IPO Fewer Than 3 Years After Its $2.25B Sale To Private Equity Groups

GoDaddy, the well-known domain and hosting company, is preparing to go public. The company was sold for $2.25 billion in the summer of 2011 to a mixture of private money, including Silver Lake, a group now famous for its work to help Dell go private.

According to the Wall Street Journal, GoDaddy has “plans to interview banks that would lead the underwriting of its IPO.” That timeframe, the paper goes on to note, would place its IPO sometime in the second half of this year, presuming a normal pacing.

It’s a rollicking time for technology IPOs, with Twitter’s famed day-one pop now etched into history, and Box trundling towards the public markets to boot. Last year was a strong year for tech IPOs, and with the NASDAQ at its current heights, folks who were thinking about taking some of that public dollar are looking to get in while the gettin’ remains good.

Today, for example, Castlight Health, a company that sells cloud healthcare tools, spiked more than 100% after its flotation went live.

Five bucks says Goldman Sachs participates and the company trades as GDDY on the NASDAQ.