Here’s What An iPhone 6 With A Curved Display Might Look Like

It’s that time of year again, friends. It’s been a few months since the last iPhone was released, which means everyone is trying to figure out what the next iPhone will look like.

Once upon a time, this meant there was a constant stream of fakes being passed around forums and blogs as the real deal. Lately, though, it seems many of the folks with enough talent to make a real-enough looking fake are instead using their skills for good — or, at least, to pad their portfolio; instead of throwing away their work for a few laughs, they’re polishing the hell out of it and calling it a concept piece.

If one is to believe the rumor mill, the next iPhone could sport a curved display — potentially playing on Apple’s massive, half-billion dollar investment into sapphire glass.

What, exactly, would a curved glass iPhone look like? In a concept video that actually manages to capture Apple’s recent design language quite well, artist Arthur Reis takes a stab at it: