Google Maps Now Lets You Paddle Down The Colorado River In Street View

Google recently put its Street View cameras on a raft and, with the help of American Rivers, took it down the Colorado River. Today, it made the images from this expedition available in Google Maps. While looking at the images doesn’t quite match the thrill of a real whitewater rafting trip, the imagery definitely does the river justice.

With this new imagery, you can now take a look at all of the famous spots on the river that aren’t usually accessible without heading down the river yourself, including Deer Creek FallsNorth Canyon and the Nankoweap Granaries, as well as the Hermit Shale and Tapeats Sandstone. The Grand Canyon is also part of the collection, and there you can switch to the Street View imagery that Google collected from inside the canyon a year ago.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only Street View imagery from a floating vessel. The company also quietly launched imagery of the San Francisco shoreline a few weeks ago and before that, it took Street View to the canals of Venice and Copenhagen.