Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Crush Things With A Tank… For Charity


If you’ve ever wanted to see Arnold Schwarzenegger crush a 5-foot roll of bubble wrap with his own personal tank (and really, who hasn’t?), congratulations! Today is your lucky day.

Just a few years ago, the folks behind Omaze set out on a rather commendable quest: to raise money for charity, they’d sell what were essentially raffle tickets for myriad “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities” — from hanging out with a celebrity for a day, to visiting SpaceX HQ.

I doubt, at the time, that they thought “Hey — maybe one day we’ll get Arnold Schwarzenegger to roll around in his tank and crush taxis, gigantic easter eggs, birthday cakes, and massive rolls of bubblewrap. FOR CHARITY.”

But he’s doing just that. Here’s the video:

The Omaze contest is up for another two days. If you win, you get to roll around with Arnie himself, smashing stuff in his tank, smoking cigars, and probably making random Arnold Schwarzenegger movie references that you’ll immediately feel awkward for making. And if you don’t win? Don’t feel too bad: most of the money is going to After-School All-Stars, which helps to fund after-school fitness programs for kids.

(Fun fact: The idea for this came from a redditor. Arnold is actually something of a regular around those parts; he’s done a few AMAs, and pops up now and again to drop knowledge bombs on the bodybuilding subreddits.)