Tinder To Introduce Verified Accounts Because Celebrities Aren’t Getting Enough Matches

Poor famous, beautiful people: They can’t even get a good date using tried and tested methods like swiping right. Matchmaking app Tinder has high-profile users including Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan and Josh Groban, but the startup’s CEO Sean Rad explained to The Hollywood Reporter that these people aren’t necessarily fielding an endless stream of matches.

Users of the app just naturally assume that when they come across Cady Heron from Mean Girls that it’s not a legit profile and swipe left. Tinder does require Facebook account authorization to verify identity already, but a lot of celebs use fake names on the social network, or avoid it altogether, so Rad tells the entertainment pub that they quickly realized they needed an alternate an alternate verification method for their growing pool of celebutantes.

Verified accounts seem likely to be signalled in some way to ordinary users (you know, us normals) of the service, possibly in a manner similar to how Twitter and Facebook present verified accounts with little checkmark icons. Once that happens, I’m sure these date-hungry famous folks will get a lot more inbound interest, and you can be sure that when you match with a Josh Groban, it really is the one with the curly tresses and voice of an angel.