Popcorn Time Installer Pulled From Host For Violating Terms Of Service UPDATE: It’s Back

Update: The installer is back on Mega.

Popcorn Time is a magical program that takes all the hassles out of torrenting a movie. It’s Hollywood’s worst nightmare. It’s essentially Netflix for pirated movies. And now it’s gone.

The program’s installer was hosted by Kim Dotcom’s Mega. Not anymore. The installer was pulled from the hosting site this morning for violating Mega’s terms of service. The developers are currently looking for a new host.

If nothing else, the installer itself can be decentralized and simply served through bit torrent itself. While this method eliminates the ease of use the developers were after, they will no longer have to worry about abiding by a host’s terms of service. The installer is already on several torrent sites.

It’s unlikely that this is the end of Popcorn Time. The developers behind the open source project will find a new host and it will live to fight Hollywood another day. As the old adage goes, once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.