VeryLastRoom Raises $2.1 Million To Compete With Hotel Tonight In Europe

French last-minute hotel app VeryLastRoom just raised $2.1 million (€1.5 million). The app is very reminiscent of its American competitor, Hotel Tonight. VC APlusFinance, Extend and Sigma Gestion invested in this round.

Previously, the company had raised $550,000 from business angels (€400,000). It is one of the last standing European Hotel Tonight competitor with Hot Hotels as Blink was acquired by Groupon and JustBook was acquired by SecretEscapes.

VeryLastRoom is a mobile app used to book a hotel room at the last minute. This way, hotels can fill up their empty rooms by discounting the remaining rooms. But unlike Hotel Tonight, the price will go down in real-time all day long. At 2am, you get the lowest price for the remaining rooms.

“We have a much better offering in France and Spain compared to Hotel Tonight,” CEO and co-founder Nicolas Salin told me.

With today’s funding round, the team of 8 will double in the next three months. The company’s main challenge will be to take over the French market before Hotel Tonight. This way, it can safely keep operating, or even become an interesting acquisition target.