The New HTC One’s Dual Camera Explained: Post-Shot Focus Selection And 3D Image Effects

HTC’s new One smartphone is the worst-kept secret of the season, with leaks in abundance and even official teasers that are being more forward about unannounced product than you might expect. Today, another piece of the puzzle falls into place with a leaked print ad for Australian carrier Telstra (via GSMArena) that details why the smartphone has two cameras on the back.

The so-called “Duo Camera” the all new HTC One sports has a number of benefits according to this ad copy, including the ability to take better images in low light situations, selectable focus after you’ve taken the shot (Lytro-style, and also in the style of the One’s biggest Android competitor, the Galaxy S5), selective highlighting, background blur and 3D effects. Much of the emphasis seems to be on post-capture editing options, which isn’t surprising given that this appears to be an area of focus for many OEMs at this point.

As crazy as it seems given the freshness of these features, at this point, provided that Samsung has announced similar camera capabilities for the Galaxy S5 and component makers like Qualcomm have been touting these kinds of powers from their processors and SoCs, it’s almost like changeable focus and advanced editing techniques are already table stakes for Android flagships. HTC’s ability to market this Duo Camera as a primary selling point will come down to image quality.

Other tidbits from the add include a blurb about the front-facing BoomSound speakers that are present in the current edition (though improved in the new one?), it’s 5-inch, 1080p display specs, and a new Sense feature that offers double-tap to wake functionality.

March 25 is the day everything gets official for the potentially confusingly named HTC One, and by all accounts it’ll be a good one. How good is all that remains to be seen.