Stealthy Enterprise Security Company Niara Raises $9M From Index And NEA

Niara, a stealthy enterprise security company, has raised $9 million in funding from Index and NEA, we’re hearing from sources.

We hear that Niara is playing in a similar space to Mandiant, focusing on companies and enterprises that have succumbed to security attacks. Niara, specifically, will detect breaches across a company, and analyze where, when and how a company has been compromised (i.e. which internal documents have been downloaded).

Security is a huge space these days, as security threats are becoming more sophisticated. This year’s RSA conference was inundated with corporations that want to prepare for these possible breaches. For many companies, it’s not a matter of if they will be attacked, it’s about when they will suffer a security breach and how they can respond.

The market potential for cyber security startups is even further evidenced by Mandiant’s $1 billion-plus acquisition by FireEye.

The founders of Niara came from Aruba Networks, and one of the founders also ran the enterprise security group at Juniper Networks. Stay tuned for more.