Twitch Broadcasting Finally Goes Live On Xbox One


Just weeks after Microsoft announced the Xbox One, they started touting a new feature that didn’t quite make it into the original debut: the ability to broadcast a video stream of your gameplay, in real-time, to

Alas, the feature ended up taking longer to build then anyone expected. Originally intended to ship with the console, Microsoft announced just 3 days before the Xbox One’s launch that the broadcasting feature had been delayed until sometime in 2014.

At long last — and just in time for tomorrow’s release of Titanfall* — Twitch has flipped the switches and pushed out the update enabling Xbox One broadcasting support. Minutes after release, the number of streams being piped from Xbox Ones around the world is already nearing a thousand.

[* Heads up: if you’ve already managed to get your hands on a copy of Titanfall before the official release, you probably don’t want to use it with Twitch until Midnight or later (unless you don’t mind if your Twitch account gets banned.)