This Isn’t The Next iPhone, But It Easily Could Be

In the space between one iPhone launch and the next, a number of things happen: rumors abound, analysts throw out predictions on sales figures, specs trickle out slowly, and most entertainingly, designers build out concepts for us to drool over.

This is one such concept design, from Sam Beckett, which is actually quite realistic. Meet the promising, yet entirely imagined, iPhone Air.

We’ve heard rumors that Apple will be adding some real estate to the display of the next-generation iPhone, and Beckett’s video shows a display that’s 17 percent larger with 68 percent more pixels. Specifically, his concept has a 4.7-inch 1080p display, with 468 pixels per inch.

The “iPhone Air” also measures 7mm thick, which is slightly (0.6mm) less girthy than the iPhone 5s. Beckett also suggests tossing out that Corning Gorilla Glass (which has been a staple of the iPhone for so many years) for a sapphire crystal display. Sapphire crystal is the same material used in current iPhones’ cameras, and is responsible for that fun blue/purple glare you get in some photos.

Finally, Beckett’s concept uses a 10-megapixel shooter and a faster A8 chip.

What’s interesting about the “iPhone Air” concept is that it doesn’t go too far out in terms of design. In fact, it looks almost identical to the iPhone 5s design, with the same TouchId sensor and a similar look and feel in terms of shape.

Most concept designers do something more crazy with their iPhone ideas, like curving the entire back of the phone or pulling from iPad designs. But not Beckett. Everything shown in this video seems possible, given Apple’s engineering prowess, though it may affect the bottom line considering the extra costs for these adjustments.

Again: This video was not created by Apple, nor were the designs shown within it.


[via TNW]