Samsung Demos The Galaxy S5 And Gear Watches With These Boring Official Videos

Get a cup of coffee. You’re going to need it. These official Samsung videos show off nearly every feature and function of the Galaxy S5 and Gear watches, but they’re rather mundane. Dull would be another word.

The videos do, however, make up in info what they lack in excitement. They run through everything: From the heart rate sensor to the TV remote control to how to customize the clock on the Gear Fit. I for one wasn’t aware of the running coach mode built into the Gear Fit. These videos are the best look at Samsung’s upcoming device yet.

The Galaxy S5 is already a hit according to pre-registrations at T-Mobile where the phone garnered 100,000 signups in just two days. The phone will launch globally on April 11th with the Gear watches launching around that time as well.

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