Google To Pay $15 For Each New User With Debut Of Google Apps Referral Program

Google announced today the start of a new referral program for customers of its online office and productivity suite, Google Apps, which will encourage the company’s current users to recommend the service to others in exchange for a $15 bonus per user.

The announcement was made via a brief post on the Google Enterprise Blog. The initiative, explains the blog post, is meant to continue and encourage the word-of-mouth referrals that are already taking place, as businesses recommend Google Apps to others in their network.

Today, the Apps suite is used by 5 million businesses, according to the service’s website, and includes a series of products, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more.

Unfortunately, despite the announcement of the program going live, the page which will reportedly offer more details on how the program works is currently returned a 404 error message.

The website for the referral program has now gone live, and the company explains that participants will need to provide Google with their valid taxpayer ID and bank account info in order to receive direct deposits. They’ll also be given a unique referral link to share with others via email and website templates that Google provides. The fine print states that businesses will earn $15 per user up to the company’s first 100 users who have paid for at least 120 days.

In addition, members will be given coupons to encourage sign-ups, which offer the new customer the ability to save $10 per user during their first year. More coupons will follow as the business’s referrals increase.

Google says the program will initially debut in the U.S. and Canada.