Fly Or Die: Jelly

A couple of months ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched an app called Jelly, meant to make asking and answering random questions more fun. So, in a world where we wear out Google with inquiry after inquiry, is there really a place in the world for a Q&A app?

This is the question we pose on this week’s episode of Fly Or Die. Welcome.

Thus far, the app has seemingly performed well, with big traction after launch and the company picking up a hefty Series B from Greylock. But what about users?

According to John, it’s hard to get addicted to using an app like this? In fact, “it’s the stupidest thing in the world.”

I have trouble arguing here. We have dozens of social networks we can ask questions on. Twitter is great for it, and if you need video or image to ask your question, try Vine or Instagram in tandem with Twitter. Why dedicate time and energy to a whole new app for this?

There’s also the matter of networking. When a question is asked on Jelly, it’s broadcast to the whole network, as opposed to just friends and followers. This means that you can’t ask people you trust about a question, but have to ask hundreds of strangers.

At the end of the day, I gave Jelly a tentative Fly based on the fact that it’s designed well, works quickly, and seems to have some solid engagement (I got answers for every question I asked relatively quickly). John, on the other hand, hates the app with a fiery passion and gave it a very adamant Die.

Time shall tell.