CrunchWeek: The Hunt For Bitcoin’s Satoshi, Facebook Drones, Twitter’s Log Cabin Lunchroom

It was a week of wacky stories in the tech news world. That made for an especially spirited discussion on CrunchWeek, the show that brings three TechCrunch writers together to talk about the biggest stories of the past seven days. We had a lot to say — so before you click play you might want to grab an extra cup of coffee to get on our level.

Kim-Mai Cutler, Alex Wilhelm, and I gathered around the big white table to discuss the latest wild goose chase for the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, which led Newsweek to a 64 year old Japanese-American physicist living quietly in the Los Angeles suburbs (who emphatically denies being *that* Satoshi, with denials also apparently coming from the online persona of the Bitcoin creator), Facebook being in talks to acquire a solar-powered drone company called Titan Aerospace, and Twitter purchasing two 19th century log cabins to serve as lunchrooms in its San Francisco headquarters.