Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

Those of you who are about to fight in the Great Human Rebellion, we salute you… with the robots that will kill you! Hello and welcome to another episode of TIDWRTWHUFOO where we meet the Gs that killed thee. Today we have quite a treat because today we see what happens when the robots lose hope.

But first, check out this amazing robotic boat that plans to sail across the Atlantic completely autonomously, using solar power, electric motors, and an insatiable hunger for the blood of the innocents. The robot is programmed to hit certain waypoints and can handle rough seas and even report back to its makers. Given the penchant for robots to go crazy and ram other boats, here’s hoping it doesn’t go crazy and ram other boats.


Oh, hey, by the way, did you want something to scar your dreams and populate your nightmares? Here’s Aluminalis, a 16-legged robot from Beatty Robotics that scuttles around like a crab and can most probably sneak into almost any orifice while you sleep.

[vimeo 88262124 w=500 h=281]

Aluminalis – The Introduction from Robert Beatty on Vimeo.

Finally we present the most satisfying video of all. Fresh from Spectrum we see quadcopters free-falling from 4,000 feet where they are rent, destroyed, and otherwise mutilated by Lady Gravity. Enjoy these scenes while you can because, in the future, the robots will be the ones lifting us up 4,000 feet and testing our capacity for terminal velocity damage. Interestingly, the activities shown in the video are illegal in the U.S. because you can’t fly higher than 400 feet with your drone, so watch out! Sadly, the robots will have no such laws.