Start Your Weekend Right With This DIY Drink Mixing Arduino Project


While this is no Monsieur, this DIY Arduino project may be the next best thing. The system uses a kitchen scale, a little amplifier, and an Arduino Uno (you can add in a Bluetooth chip if you want this to be wireless.) You place the shaker on the scale and a connected Android device prompts you to put in various boozes, measuring each pour in real time. When you’ve poured in enough liquid, it goes to the next tipple and so on until you’re ready to shake and drink.

The full instructions are on Adafruit’s website and all-told you need about $60 in parts to make this. Obviously you’re missing a case and maybe a nicer app, but at the very least you can ensure your gimlet is perfect every single time thanks to the power of robots. Writes the creator, Tony DiCola:

This project is a great example of how to hack a kitchen scale into a tool for making drinks with an Android application. You can use the code from this project as an example of how to communicate between an Android device and an Arduino through a USB or bluetooth connection.