The Head Of Sony Computer Entertainment Steps Down

Jack Tretton has left the game. The longtime Sony executive is stepping down from his role as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America where he was essentially in charge of the state-side PlayStation division.

The news comes from a late-day press release that doesn’t reveal any details about the departure. It simply states that “this is a result of a mutual agreement between Mr. Tretton and SCEA not to renew their contractual relationship.”

Was there a falling out at Sony? Did someone steal Jack’s leftovers from the fridge one too many times? That’s unclear right now.

Tretton was with Sony Computer Entertainment America for 19 years, with 15 dedicated to the PlayStation division and most recently oversaw the launch of the PlayStation 4. This is the man who in part has built the PlayStation brand into a global force by establishing a strong foothold in America.

Shawn Layden, current EVP and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, will take Tretton’s chair at the head of the boardroom table.