Sunrise Adds Exchange Support To Its Calendar App

New York-based startup Sunrise just added Microsoft Exchange calendar support to its iPhone and iPad app. Exchange support was the last missing major calendar integration — the app already works with Google Calendar and Apple’s iCloud calendar.

For now, the company uses Apple’s Exchange API. This way it doesn’t have to store user passwords. Many potential users couldn’t switch to Sunrise because it didn’t support Exchange, which remains the default email and calendar server solution for many companies.

With today’s update, you can add all your calendars in Sunrise, even if you use Google Calendar for your personal calendar and Exchange for your work calendar. On this front, it is now on par with the default calendar app on iOS.

Sunrise puts a lot of emphasis on design and the overall user experience. When you open the app on your phone, you get an infinite feed of events with an easy way to jump to a particular day using the grid at the top. The app also pulls information from Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, making your calendar slightly more useful than your average calendar.

Yet, competing with the default app remains Sunrise’s major challenge. Sunrise is only available on iOS for now, but it doesn’t hide on its Twitter account that it is working on an Android version.

Eventually, when Sunrise is going to be available on multiple operating systems, it will be a key advantage compared to the default iOS calendar app. For instance, if someone uses an Android phone and an iPad, he or she will be able to have the same user experience on these two devices. And everything will always be up to date.