LG To Build The Nexus 6, Says Report

Another year and another Nexus device. If one report out of Germany is believed, LG is tasked once again to produce this next-gen Nexus device.

If true, this would be the third consecutive Nexus device built by LG after Google used Samsung for the Galaxy Nexus. Specific details about the upcoming phone are still missing in action but if history repeats, the phone will be based roughly off of an exsiting LG device – most likely the rumored and unannounced LG G3.

Google’s Sundar Pichai indicated during MWC that the next Nexus phone will not hit stores until the second half of the year. This jives with a Google I/O’s launch since the developer’s conference will be held in June this year. It could be announced in June and released in July.

But hopefully Google doesn’t have LG produce the phone’s marketing.