Google Expands Apps Partner Programs With Tech Track, Opens Cloud Partner Program To More Businesses

Google’s Apps Marketplace, its directory of cloud apps that integrate with Google Apps, now features over 750 services. Today, at its Global Partner Summit, Google is expanding this program by creating a formal Technology track in its partner program for vendors who “build complementary business apps and tools.”

The new program, Google says, will run alongside its existing Reseller Program, which currently includes more than 10,000 partners. The Reseller track focuses on the resellers who bring Google Apps to other businesses (ranging from small stores to enterprises).

The new track is meant for partners who have integrated their products with the Google Apps Services APIs. These range from companies that build anything from workflow tools and analytics dashboards to business intelligence and expense management tools. Some of the companies in the Marketplace today include the likes of DocuSign, Uberconference and SmartSheet.

Google says part of the idea behind the program is to reward technology partners for their success in building this ecosystem. As part of this, they will get technical, marketing and sales support from Google. Those companies that make it into Google’s VIP Premier Technology track (which means they need to have an install base of at least 100,000 users) also get a number of extra perks, including premier placement in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Also new in Google’s partnership program today is an expansion of its Cloud Platform partner program, which is meant for companies that extend the functionality of the Cloud Platform (think SendGrid, New Relic, Cloud Sherpas, etc.) and those who provide consulting and implementation services.

This program launched in 2012, but always remained relatively small. Google says it only features 161 companies right now. Starting today, Google is now making it easier for more businesses to participate, however. The company is adding an additional entry-level tier to its offerings. This so-called “Registered Company” tier will sit under the Premier Partner and Authorized Partner tiers and will give companies access to online resources and training.