Yahoo Buys Social Data Visualization Firm Vizify, Will Shut It Down

Today Vizify announced that Yahoo has acquired it, adding yet another small company to the purple acquisition machine. Vizify helped its users better visualize and graph their social lives in the format of a personal website of sorts.

Vizify, a company founded in 2011, had raised $1.46 million in its life. Given that its last round of funding came in 2012, the timing of the exit-ish makes sense. The company would likely have needed to either raise more money, or find a new home. Yahoo has very welcome arms these days.

Yahoo will shut down what the company built. The company will issue refunds to paying users. It is also not accepting more new user signups. Vizify is essentially no more.

The price of of the acquisition was not made known, though we are looking into the matter. Given the size of the company in question, its past funding, and its likely product traction, this was a small deal for Yahoo.