That Fake Hoverboard Video? Funny Or Die Says They Made It

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If you were somehow still holding out hope that the hoverboard in that (very, very clearly fake) video from yesterday was in any way real: cue up the sad trombone.

“Why Are All These Celebrities Participating In An Epic Fake Hoverboard Troll?” we asked.

The answer? Because Funny Or Die asked them to.

In a move that’ll surely crush the dreams of a zillion 80s kids who should maybe trust random Internet videos a little less, Funny Or Die has posted a faux-pology that breaks it all down: Fake? Yes. How? Wires. Why? Because they wanted some Facebook comments, or something.

(Regardless of who actually made the video, I hereby blame every future fake video on the Internet on Jimmy Kimmell. THANKS A LOT, JIMMY)