That Fake Hoverboard Video? Funny Or Die Says They Made It

If you were somehow still holding out hope that the hoverboard in that (very, very clearly fake) video from yesterday was in any way real: cue up the sad trombone.

“Why Are All These Celebrities Participating In An Epic Fake Hoverboard Troll?” we asked.

The answer? Because Funny Or Die asked them to.

In a move that’ll surely crush the dreams of a zillion 80s kids who should maybe trust random Internet videos a little less, Funny Or Die has posted a faux-pology that breaks it all down: Fake? Yes. How? Wires. Why? Because they wanted some Facebook comments, or something.

(Regardless of who actually made the video, I hereby blame every future fake video on the Internet on Jimmy Kimmell. THANKS A LOT, JIMMY)