TC Cribs: Crowdtilt’s Spacious HQ, Where Ring Toss Rules And Imaginations Run Wild

Welcome back to a new episode of TechCrunch Cribs, the show that knocks on the doors of some of tech’s hottest companies to see what the 9-to-5 life is like for the people who work inside.

This time we headed to Crowdtilt, the startup that lets you easily pitch in to fund projects or causes of your choice. Crowdtilt’s new digs are literally a few doors down from TechCrunch’s own headquarters, so it was a pretty easy trip to head over with a couple cameras to check it out.

Crowdtilt currently has just 34 staff in an office space equipped to host 100+ people, so folks there have a lot of room to stretch out. And a very popular way to use the extra space is with a good old round of ring toss, the bar game that is popular in Crowdtilt CEO James Beshara‘s native Texas (I’m going to use that as the excuse for why he beat me so easily in our game, leading to my taking a shot of whiskey in the middle of the day.)

But all that extra room can also lead to your imagination playing tricks on you and causing you to see strange animals that others don’t seem to notice — but that could have been the whiskey talking.

Click on the video above to watch our full tour, and embedded below are some photos from inside Crowdtilt HQ:

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