Mercedes Demos All The Functions Of CarPlay In This Convoluted 7-Minute Video

At the Geneva Auto Show, Mercedes revealed the all-new C Class, its first vehicle to support Apple’s in-vehicle iOS platform called CarPlay. Forgive the production quality of the demo. It appears to be a compilation of b-roll and likely not intended to be used as a demo. However, it shows all the core functions of Apple’s CarPlay. It’s all here: using Siri to make phone calls, send messages, navigate and select iTunes media. While the video may lack Jony Ive’s touch, it’s packed with details not shown as clearly elsewhere.

The auto show schedule forced Apple’s hand. CarPlay’s rollout seemingly goes against all of Apple’s marketing rules. Yet, Apple didn’t have much of a choice here.

Car companies plan major announcements around auto shows, and Geneva is one of the biggest. Since Apple partnered with Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo, it only makes sense for the car companies to make waves at this event. And CarPlay is certainly doing just that even if the marketing for this Apple product has been somewhat lackluster by the company’s standards.