VideoGenie Goes Beyond Video With StoryBox, A Product That Collects Positive Testimonials

VideoGenie is a startup that helps businesses collect and highlight video testimonials from fans. But it seems that founder and CEO Justin Nassiri doesn’t want to limit this to video.

So VideoGenie has launched a new product that it calls StoryBox, which aggregates all kinds of content about a brand. The company says the testimonials can include tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and more, all presented in what Nassiri called “a rich, visual environment” on the brand’s site, and with the option for visitors to add their own stories directly from the site.

Naturally, brands can curate the content, so that a tweet with the wrong message doesn’t end up in the StoryBox. At the same time, Nassiri said the product offers analytics showing which content is getting the most engagement and (when relevant) driving the most sales. StoryBox can automatically prioritize the best-performing content and display it prominently on the site.

In other words, you get the authenticity of real customer testimonials, but gathered in a central location, with data about what is and isn’t working.

The product is already live on the Mountain Hardwear site, with Chegg and the ad:tech conference signed up as partners, too.

“StoryBox was selected for its simplicity and effectiveness to help drive conversation leading up to – and during – our events.” said ad:tech Content Director Paul Treanor in an email statement. “In the past we’ve displayed Twitter feeds on our website and breakout sessions before presentations began. While a live Twitter feed is compelling, StoryBox will allow us to go beyond this and bring the buzz from every social platform to life in one location filled with rich content.”

Nassiri said his team made the decision to start building StoryBox last fall, based on the feedback that it was getting from customers. He added that video will continue to be “the foundation” of Video Genie’s offerings, but he said, “There’s not a single client that we’ve worked with in the past where StoryBox wouldn’t have made it better.”

VideoGenie launched at our Disrupt conference in 2010.