If You Watch One Video Of An Arduino-Powered, Tetris-Playing Business Card Today, Make It This One


I like alternative business cards. In lieu of pieces of paper, for example, I like to hand out copies of my 3D-printed head. But I may have finally met someone with a far cooler business card than mine. Take a look at Kevin Bates’ Arduino-powered business card, the Arduboy, and weep, friends, because it is a thing of beauty.

Designed to be about as thin as a few real business cards, the PCB contains a small OLED screen and micro controller. There is also a tiny speaker embedded and some touch-sensitive spots for controlling the screen. In fact, you’ll notice a distinct resemblance in this card to a certain game console that starts with G and ends with -ameboy. With the right code, for example, you can play games on it, draw images on the screen, and even play little tunes. Bates is looking to crowdfund the project and build more of these little buggers so you can pass them out as a resume or a bit of high-tech gimcrackery at your next networking event. Best of all it runs for nine hours on a single replaceable battery and it’s fun to build.

It also plays Tetris. Tetris!


via Adafruit