All New HTC One Breaks Cover In 12 Minute Video, Reveals Expandable SD Card Storage

The new HTC One gets its official reveal on March 25, but a new video leak from GadgetReviews shows you everything you could possibly want to see about the new flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer. The video shows how the hardware differs from that of the existing HTC One, including its new all-metal side enclosures, as well as the gray color tone.

There’s also that dual camera on the back, and a new micro SD card slot on the side of the device, meaning it’ll have expandable memory, unlike the HTC One. That might help people come to HTC over competing devices like the Galaxy from Samsung, which generally have expandable memory capacity.

The other highlights of the new design are the larger screen (which also appears to sport smaller bezels so that the physical size increase of the device isn’t a huge leap), as well as the latest version of Blinkfeed and a look at the new camera software, which features a dual-capture option to take front and back photos at the same time, and a new Selfie mode (features to be determined). The bottom dedicated button row is also gone, now, which makes for more screen real estate.

The reviewer can’t stop raving about the new HTC One’s improved camera, which is a good sign, including the front-facing one. Overall, it looks like an impressive upgrade inside and out, and there’s probably more to be seen when HTC makes the phone official, but for now, I’m already leaning towards this as my next favorite Android device.