Acoustic Stream Turns Your Git-Fiddle Into A Robotic Metal Monster

Guitarists love to shred. It’s a known fact. From Slash to Debbie Gibson, shredding is the way guitarists express themselves and/or meet their wives. But how can you show the world how hard you rock when you don’t have any way to share your rockularation with the world? You use the Acoustic Stream, man. The Acoustic Stream.

What does it do? It’s a little box that sits on your guitar that connects to a cellphone. When you want to record your true, face-melting riffage, you just tap the guitar twice. It automatically streams to your phone for recording or it records right on the device for later syncing. Want to connect your music to the world? Just stream the audio out through the headphone jack – wirelessly. Need to tune that git-box? I’ll tell you how to do it: with your phone. Tap that sunburst Les Paul three times and the tuner pop up. Hey, how about my strings, you ask. I nod knowingly: the Acoustic Stream also senses when your strings are going to go bad and tells you whether or not you should add an extra 10 minutes to that Cinnamon Girl solo. The only thing this thing can’t do is get you a gig at the Whiskey A Go Go.

How much do I pay for this, Socrates? you ask. Easy. You go and pledge $97 to get an early-bird unit. It plugs right into your phono jack on your guitar or can stick inside your sound hole. Your choice, Scaramouche.

The team, led by Robert Bean of Boston, is also making the plans for the device open so you can make a unit for your trumpet, upright bass, or flugelhorn. In short, it’s a pretty cool little piece of kit that can only get better.

The team is looking for $50,000 (about the price of a nice dinner out with the band) and they’ve already raised half that (about the nightly champagne budget for the 14 On Fire Stones tour). It will be interesting to see how this thing actually pans out and, as always, those of you who are about to rock, we salute you.