Volvo, Ferrari, And Mercedes First To Add iOS In The Car Next Week

iOS in the Car, announced by Eddy Cue last year at the iOS 7 launch, was supposed to appear in 2014 and, according to the Financial Times, it’s finally coming to Volvo, Mercedes, and Ferrari. BMW, a premium launch partner mentioned last year, was notably absent.

The service allows for direct interaction with the manufacturer’s in-car entertainment and communications systems and includes an iOS-like UI. While many manufacturers have resorted to USB connections to iOS devices that may or may not allow for easy media access, iOS in the Car aims to offer call control, Siri interaction, and media playback with a simple interface. It also allows for satellite navigation using the iPhone’s built-in GPS and mapping systems.

Honda and Acura have already implemented some of the features. According to AppleInsider, the company was slow to roll out the feature due to internal reticence in Apple’s corporate ranks.

via 9to5mac