Dragdis Takes Its Simple Drag-And-Drop Bookmarking Service Out Of Beta

Bookmarking just got interesting again. Dragdis, a slick Chrome extension that lets you quickly save anything, including text, photos, videos, links and more just by dragging and dropping, is now taking its service out of beta, and introducing support for a number of social networks and cloud services.

The idea behind the tool is to be as simple as traditional bookmarking, but instead of “starring” a URL, you just drag and drop whatever it is you’re trying to save to a folder in Dragdis. After installing the extension in your browser, you’ll have access to a sidebar where you can access your folders and selected apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and Pinterest, for example.

This sidebar isn’t showing all the time, of course – it pops up when you select an item on the web and start dragging it to the right side of your screen (hence the name, “Dragdis”).

The Lithuanian-based startup was founded back in 2012 by first-time entrepreneurs, Domas Sabockis (Marketing), Karolis Malcevičius (Design) and Eugenijus Jusas (Engineering). Sabockis explains he got the idea for the service while working in an ad agency as a creative, where he was constantly losing images, videos, links he found on the internet. After trying 50 or so different tools and not finding one he really liked, he decided to quit his job to build Dragdis.


“There are plenty of tools helping you organize either photos, videos or links, but none of them focus on easing the actual process of ‘moving around’ all of this stuff,” says Sabockis. “You either have piles of things, or you have to make multiple clicks to save things in specific folders (think ‘Save as’),” he adds. With Dragdis, you can move anything you find on the web into a folder with a simple motion.

To some extent, you could argue that Dragdis is a competitor to other content saving services, like Evernote or Pinterest, Sabockis admits. But because the tool now supports letting users save content to those sorts of services by integrating them into its sidebar, it’s really more of an add-on for those platforms.

The company first raised €14k while participating in StartupHighway accelerator, and later added another €200k in seed investment from Practica Capital in order to get things off the ground.

During its private beta, launched last year, Dragdis grew its user base to over 17,000.

Now it’s opening up its doors to allow anyone to sign up. Longer term, the company is thinking of building in advertising around its service help generate revenue, but for now the company is focused on its official launch.

Interested users can sign up here.