Ex-Apple Engineer Launches Moov, The Next Generation Of Wearable Fitness Tracking

Welcome to the next generation of wearable fitness tracking! The first round of fitness trackers focused on introducing the idea of data to your daily activity and workout, but a new company called Moov wants to go beyond basic “step” data to tell you how to improve your form and get the most out of your workout.

The band uses a combination of hardware (9-axis sensors) and software algorithms to pinpoint your body’s exact movements in space without the help of a camera, letting the device give you tips on how to run without putting strain on your knees, or how to lift weights with the proper form.

It’s pretty clever. When you’re running, the Moov will give real-time audio tips right through your headphones about how to shorten or lengthen your stride or speed up. And even better, the app can run while your music plays, only interrupting to hit you with a helpful tip.

The Moov band can be worn on different parts of your body, like your ankle or wrist, depending on the information you’re looking to get out of it.

“I see it as my AI coach who not only tracks my moves, but works out with me in real-time: watches out for me on how to avoid injuries; whispers to me the secrets of losing weight while I do cardio; yells at me when I cheat; and encourages me to beat the pros,” said Meng Li, cofounder.

The Moov can also help with more random workout activities like cardio boxing, cycling, or swimming (Hello, waterproof!) In the coming months, the team plans to offer other kinds of sports to track.

The app allows users to share and compare their workouts to encourage motivation among the community.

Moov was built by Nikola Hu, a former Apple and HALO game engineer, and Meng Li and Tony Yuan. They both struggled with working out and were not getting results because they weren’t conducting there workouts properly.

Moov is running its own crowdfunding campaign, opting out of the usual Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to “be closer to early supporters/users.”

The team is looking to raise $40K, which will allow for an initial shipment of about 650 Moov units at $59 a pop. If you’re interested in improving your form (in more ways than one), head on over to the Moov crowdfunding page and get to pledgin’.

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