Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, friends, but today we’ve got a few robots that will eventually take control of our lives and lead us into a bright, strange future. First up we present the “A Pruning Robot With a Power-Saving Chainsaw Drive,” by Yasuhiko Ishigure, Katsuyuki Hirai, and Haruhisa Kawasaki. What does that mean? It means it’s a freaking robot with a chainsaw that can climb trees and swing that thing around all day long.

While this robot will help save lives – tree pruning with a chainsaw is very dangerous – it also means that it can eventually drop out of the trees, rise up, and protect the forests like a marauding wolverine.

Every few weeks these days you find a great team of robots that can work together without little outside intervention. This makes them perfect for robot sports games, robot exploration, and robot hunting-killing. The robots can handle breakdowns, unusual situations, and even recover after errors.

Finally we have Dr. Robonaut. He’s a first aid robot that can help injured astronauts. Cool, right? He’s here to help but just remember that when power changes hands to the machines he’ll be on their side.