Square Acquires BookFresh To Add Booking Services For Merchants

Square is announcing an acquisition today — BookFresh, an online scheduling service aimed at small business owners. We’ve described it as an OpenTable for everything but restaurants. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

As Square explains, sellers are using Square for far more than accepting payments: They run their entire POS systems and loyalty programs and promotions for customers, as well as access analytics. Booking is just another tool that Square could offer through their core merchant experience. We know they are ramping up this effort in other ways to get more merchants onto the payments platform.

Square has made a number of small acquisitions in the past few months, including Evenly, and ViewFinder. In 2012, Square bought 80/20.

It’s not surprising that the company is starting to snap up businesses that could provide complementary services to its core POS system. These features will only help the company convince more merchants to ditch existing payments systems in favor of Square.